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in poetry •  17 days ago
Crisis and love continue the path of uncertain fate, some things never change in the waves of challenging reality. We absorb dust through the eyes of the truth as we look at the beauty of reality and illusion, we have created great people of universal wisdom that lead us in the path of light.

You are my size in the numbers of brave gamblers, you are a choice of my love that does not know about defeat. Consequences and causes stroll along the shores and shadows of large trees, the moonlight covers our tracks with the wonderful sounds of the night.

We continued at the beginning of the adventure and the stories of the emotions that circulate through the consciousness of our little universe, left the logic and caught the rhythm of a tender heart. We throw away the feelings of mountain energy that show us new horizons and possibilities, we are changing with the smile of virtues we inherited from the creator.

Knowledge makes a difference between high career positions and the sincere intentions of an open soul, feel my intentions that are honourable in the virtue of love ecstasy. You are the map I play on the podium of kings, we are sealed to the highest level of emotional reality.


  • Original poetry written by @dobartim
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  • Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/Aan5p-Jnp4jPQluZANcyjUlhFIBikDv28tHShk31P7K0__kFeK1QfDg/
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