Come To The Truth

in poetry •  6 months ago 
Accept the challenge of life in the highest places of challenge, your chances become good and the ultimate purity of the heart. Go to the side of sincere relationships and kiss the energy that creates wonders, we go to different sides towards the same goal of free life.

Open up to change thoughts that fly into ocean waves of information, show good habits and go on the road to success.
Randomization becomes the dominant motive of our dreams that are sweet and delicious, we are the winners of the free-will game while we fly through the fantasy of the mind.

Feel the vibrations of the challenging changes that come in the message of happiness, we made several steps in the perfect rhythm of stars that dance in our joy. We feel the consequences of moral norms as a blessing when we do good deeds, we are children with leadership manners.

We change the words to the interests and desires and this is the perfect form of truthfulness, become objective on the path of truth, and you will be successful and free. The possibilities of love become an unlimited form of artistic creativity, look at new horizons of romantic lights.


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you know practically its some how difficult to feel the vibrations of the challenging changes, though it would actually come true.

If we believe in the truth

The vibrations are most definitely challenging... What lessons they bring. Lost a dear friend recently in this wave. To anyone who needs to hear it: Don't give up; the world needs us all to tell our stories and lift each other up.

Raise your spirit