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in poetry •  5 months ago
  • Each vision has an individual goal, it raises awareness of collective actions through the functions of reason and consciousness. Poetry goes beyond the limits of possible reality, it is the soul of our emotions. Look at the originality of love through words that raise the spirit.

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  • We are excluded from materialism with the smile of future dreams, we are an emotional whip that surf the happiness of enthusiasm. The energy of creating birds through the hot words of the word, we recognize the depth of the human heart behind the curtain of defeat and victory.

  • With Thoughts we create our universes, craziness is the promotion of a young passion through the education of mystic wisdom. We play as children while we cry in the joys of challenges, innovations change the face of our past while we sit on romantic powers.

  • Artistic feelings go through a crisis of values, needs overcome personal interests in the world behind the scenes of life.
    My dreams and fairy tales that fly with the energy of the cosmos serve more joy, you are the challenge of my life because it represents the greatest throne of joy.

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  • Original poetry written by @dobartim
  • We win together - Steem Schools
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The vision is the destination while the goals are the steps to the destination. Every of your poem has at least a message it is passing across and your delivery really get the goals of such poem achieved easily. I appreciate your creativity. It's very inspiring


Keep going

Glad to read your writing. Nice poetry and attractive animation. Thanks for sharing the beautiful thought.


Where is your upvote ?

so good poem!you are good write!


Welcome to Steemit

Hello @dobartim poetry for me is, as the means to express a feeling through words. I'm not a poet, but I love poetry and listening to it raises me to another dimension. I like reading you.
Good energy


See you on the top

What a way to kickstart the day with a esoteric poetry @dobartim thanks for lighting up my day! Have a great day ahead ! See you on the top


We win together

Poetry is life...i love it.


I am glad you like it

Exactly @dobartim, poetry is an instrument to express a cumulus of feelings that go from the real to the magical and fantasy, poets embellish our thoughts with phrases that artistically express themselves on the canvas of writing


Yes it is