Below The Love Rainbow

in poetry •  5 months ago
  • We can reach heaven and starry wisdom, I play in the rain of sunny signs. Limits exist only in the minds of limited thoughts, we feel the proximity of fear in the kisses of a fiery passion. The strangers come to the sandstorm between the dreams of children's joy.

  • Winning new ideas above the cloud of hidden desires, we make decisions of secret issues with an open heart in front of the love gate. We are certifying ideas with rhythm changes, the incredible music calls for lion dance in the gentle bird nest.

  • We leave traces in the water of conscious challenges, we reach new goals in the middle of the highest mountains.
    We jumped into the green ocean with the knowledge of a small river, we pass through love dreams until we reach the peak of happiness.

  • I do not judge my mistakes insincere intentions, I want to show my sincere heart in this song that shines for you.
    You are the solution to mystical issues with the enthusiasm of the warm wind, you are a beauty that has no substitute in the heart of my eternity.

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wow lighting image.

It's good to read your article. Thanks for writing this article.


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awesome ! as Usual !!


i reading your article so vary good article. thanks @dobartim


I am glad you like it

Woah you Sir this is an amazing post.
i'm not too good at all on writing poetry but surely love to read it...

i loved the way you talked about our dreams.