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  • We pass through the golden years with a smile of joyful words, the emergence of life force comes from the other side of the mysticism. We turn the fate of destiny on the river of honour, we pass sunny bridges through the memories of the magical future.

  • The stones swim in the hot water as we dissolve the sins of the past, the energy of thought reaches the peak of ecstasy in the fruitful ideas of creative freaks. Look at the sky in the abundance with the virtue of the moon dance, the rain broke the perfect face of beauty.

  • We slip on the sand with guitar strings, we feel a victory of a million years with you as a princess of morals. Raise the spirit of perfection above the boundaries of the past, remember our magnificent love under the palm leaves. The presence of virtue on the lips of the grill refines my consciousness.

  • The mind dances at the limits of reason with the obsession of your beauty. Together we search for the hidden points of our fantasy, relaxing my deepest emotions with the touch of honey lips. Look at the words of a poet with the heart of the opera diva, you are the love of my life on the waves of cosmic vibration.

Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Yet another great poem from @dobartim , i am enjoying you please keep it coming

I am glad you like it

what a lovely deep poem sir.
The stones swim in the hot water as we dissolve the sins of the past

Thank you very much

Well written @dobartim. is there a poetry class in steemschools?

Be part of poetry class

his poetry is good, nature will always be present in the soul of a poet

Thank you very much

Amazing, this is one of your excellent work in create poetry n in the future you will always the good ones. You are a creative person in poetry.

I am glad you like it

Greetings, @dobartim. I feel that his poetry, more than beautiful today, sings it to the woman-mother-nature. That symbiosis of maternal love that enriches the life of all living beings. The feminine is exalted from everything beautiful known. His poetry has been converted into an altar for women. I congratulate he for her creative art and, as a woman-mother, I feel obliged to thank her heart for her loving outbreak.

Thank you very much for your nice words

Wow! I have decided to choose this post as your greatest post more perfect, be captivated, perfect in every way

See you on the top

beautiful publication in poetic form every day we learn more in this wonderful platform thanks for publishing articles that help us grow and give us inspiration @dobartim70


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