Become a Part

in poetry •  23 days ago 
Feel the powerful insights of winds that bring change, visit the sources of wisdom at the end of mental limitations. Broken ideas walk the waste of oblivion, until we are in the thick of failure, climb the mountain of success with a smile of modern art and conquer a new happiness mentality.

Look at the silver markings on the hands of the universe and feel the powerful rain of energy coming from the stars, become a gentle word of wisdom that goes down into the deepest parts of the heart. In all, find the joy that combines spiritual pleasure with the ultimate goal.

There is a great power play in every community and you are part of an interesting vision, so make your idea and follow your heart on the path of self-realization. Wake up from the illusion and fight for the reality that brings you victory, the emotional dynamics of positive energy opens the gates of time.

Become part of the solution and set an example for others, behind your words, some works show the paths of sincere moves. The wonderful play opens the paths of karma, all that is good brings greater good and therefore dances on the sunny side of love.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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