Consequences of Love

in poetry •  last year 
  • There are no landscapes with graphite of emotions, sandstorm brings new warmth in passion messages. Life is a thought with the essence of love energy that sails through the rivers of positive cosmic vibrations. We repeat the same thoughts with the doctrine of freedom, we feel changes that are fast and powerful.

  • Refreshment comes with secret messages of powerful ideas, the laws of attraction pass through the fountains of the mystic subconscious. We encounter errors with a smile of music, poetic words create a new wave of enthusiasm with the harmony of feeling.

  • The incredible possibilities come from the lips of the wise, the lighthouse shows the traces leading to sublime love. I miss the hidden intention in the pure meditation of the universe, the challenging opportunities of the true miraculous paths leading us to the peak of enjoyment.

  • The highlight of our relationship comes through the silent laws of honour, enlightened me with the magic kiss of truth on this romantic night. You have drawn the ultimate intentions of my heart, I have become a follower of your supreme ideology of perfect love.

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Excellent, we have an online class for 10 Hours and 24 Minute, be there.