Inspiration of Consciousness

in #poetry4 years ago
  • The light shows the path of sublime consciousness, the tunnels of ignorance pass through the obstacles of imagination and the challenges of reality. We repeat the same success steps with a sweet taste of victory, we have found the formula of tricks that speed our time.

  • The outlet is a happy choice of intuition and spiritual leadership, passion transforms our habits into transient products.
    Make a picture of perfection through the reality of the ideal creation of the universe, open up your spirit potentials to the highest energy exchange platform.

  • We come to the goal that is planned on the paths of our karma, the only spiritual practice cutting chains from material dependence. In every relationship I see part of perfection, oppressive thoughts create waves of enthusiasm that bring sweet fruits of success.

  • A fairy tale girl carries flowers on the lips of wisdom, a lighthouse of the hope of opening the chakra of the loving knowledge of the cosmic empire. We achieve the peak of happiness with a smile on our face, free ourselves from logical ignorance, and achieve superior knowledge of the truth.


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