Tranquility ( poetry by DMiLLiZ)

in poetry •  last year 


Stillness of the mind, in this state you shall find yourself.

The noise of this realm distorts spirituality and reality.
Silence is hard to find in the bustle but find it we must.
Thoughts of serene scenes the blues and greens of nature.
Natural healing in the presence or in memory.

Calm, tranquility like a deep river
soothing over the land and stones,
smoothing away impurities, worry and anxiety.
The stillness brings clarity.

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Good poetry

Thanks dude.

Hi! @dmilliz,

I can see we have a lot in common!

I would like to invite you to meet the TESTNET Noia Network on my blog!
Your comments are valuable to me!
and I will take care of answering them all!
I have visited your blog and I have given you my support!
I hope to see you soon; Come and talk about this magnificent project!

Thank you for your attention!

Your poetic work is excellent!
I also have some writings!