Lyric Poetry Contest 33th Edition - Prompt: Passion Fruit My Kind Of Passion

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a bit of mystery, passion as barely contained emotion
symbolizes of the crucifixion of Christ
passionflowers symbolizing the crown of thorns
ten petals, for the ten faithful apostles
three stigmata symbolize the three nails
five anthers represent the five wounds

a nutritious tropical fruit that is gaining popularity
despite its small size, it is rich in antioxidants
vitamins, and plant compounds that benefit your health
a vine or tree, a type of passionflower
tough outer rind and juicy, seed-filled center
vary in size and color, commonly purple and yellow varieties

add passion fruit to your diet
tropical passion fruit tartlets with your favorite beverage
passion fruit popsicle to freshen up the summer heat
an elegant dessert passion fruit sorbet after lunch
a shot of passion fruit margarita after dinner
mango-passion fruit smoothie as a morning drink

top with champagne for a stunning cocktail
used as a topping or flavoring for cakes and desserts
add a crunchy texture and sweet flavor to salads
mix with natural yogurt to make a delicious snack
excellent addition to a healthy, balanced diet
passion fruit is my great choice, it made my day!

Photo Is Mine: My Childhood Friend In The Photo

Original Poem by @diosarich

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