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I am the most industrious employee in the world,
Dare to sacrifice not to watch the World Cup,
Although hearts languish but remain dedicated,
Although on Saturday I stayed tie,

I am the most pantes employee get promotion,
Always at the front of the attendance list,
Among my most industrious colleagues,
The friend who did not come in I was absent

At 8 o'clock is less entering the office,
Do not forget to buy newspapers,
In the newspaper a lot of corrupt news,
Why did not I get it?

Now life is really not safe,
Pake mobile phone in the car with a red ax,
That's why I do not buy cars and mobile phones,

I am the most loyal employee,
From the laying of the first stone of the office,
Until the office has a computer network, I became its net-admin,
Until office diledakin, I became his brain ... !!