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You say you are driving to work
You say you went visiting a close female friend
You say you can't come visit me cause of work
You say you forgot our anniversary

I trusted every word you told me
I placed so much confidence in you
I believed you would never deceive me
I believed you were different


Was I wrong all along?
Was my thinking beclouded bymy emotions?
Was I swimming in love and too blind to see?
Was I ever going to recover from this illusion?

My mind was made up
My heart was yours to toil with
My emotions were dedicated to do your bidding
My soul was almost lost in awe of your beauty

Who could blame my actions?
Who could challenge my love for you?
Who taught I could ever fall so much for love?
Who knew I could ever be this gullible?


You took my love for granted
You played my heart like a football
You betrayed my trust for you
You lost your esteemed spot in my life

All because of greed
All because you lacked contentment
All because you taught you can have all the men in the world
All because you felt I wasn't enough for you


It's time to move on
It's time to let go
It's time to run and never look back
It's time to say enough is enough

A little white lie can wound a soul
A little white lie can break a home
A little white lie can create doubts
A little white lie is all you fed me with.


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