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In loneliness I found a friend
Far in the galaxy a star I wished
Lost in time I wait in peace

In wavey seas I set my sail,
Without a compass am on a quest
On swampy lands and haunted islands I search for chests
For treasures full of gold or of shiny pearls
On ocean floor I pray not to run aground

Pirates and villains sure I have had my fight
On broken bones I have fight the tide
For an endless sail I have lost my mind
Hunger driven I ate some worms
I sit and I rot in the galley all day long
cookin' up stews of mice and corn

The loneliness at sea makes
Me miss my wife,
Pay attention this ink may be my last
Aye aye I call for rum
I swabbin' the deck
for a cappin who lie.

I close not my eyes cos i fear a stab,
Ho yo, ho yo deck men have start a fight,
Aye aye crew men keep your calm
Who be that, that start this fight,
Not me all men accounts,
They all fear they be left ashore

Alas, in the wavey sea I found my prize
How do I get home to see my wife
When on sea I have lost my map.
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In the silver moon love awaits



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