in #poetrylast year

Young men and women are bewildered with myriad of thoughts,
as regard this matter.
Plethora of marriages have been thwarted;
even before both parties took their strides
to the altar to take their covenanted oaths.
How can there be an holy matrimony,
where pretence thrives on a firm root of deception?


How can love be blind in a world full of pretence?
Deception packaged and served by tantalizers;
Many are buying sanitizers today,
but leave their hearts unsensitized in simplicity...
It goes beyond facial comeliness;
knowing how to prepare sumptuous meals, and blah blah

Agreed, love covers a lot of evils, yet it's not blind;
It's commitment to a common purpose:
It takes two to tangle.
If love is blind, relationships will just be fine all the time...
Void of occasional disagreements.

Yes, ocassional...! Not every minute arguments and clashes.
Real love grows in the presence of commitment;
Shared values, interests and visions.
Does he or she value what you value?
Is he or she uneducable?
(Ask questions!)
Let your love put on a spectacle!
Love tolerates, but it's not senseless!

By Chappy