Give Love to All Humankind, Leave No One Behind: Say No More to Violence

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Lately I have been so busy in my own personal agendas that’s why I don’t have time watching news on the television but just this week when I accidentally bumped over to a very disturbing images in my Facebook homepage. And the one of images I am talking about is the image being posted above, through the image above I just unknowingly lead myself in scanning lots of articles related to the trending news this week. Many heart aching topics I have seen and I am so sad with how heartbreaking the world has become.


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I don’t have the power to influence everyone to stop violence and I don’t have the machineries to encourage everyone to advertise a “no to violence” advocacy, but I am hoping and wishing that this little ways of mine will sprout a remarkable signature to every one and give encouragement to all humankind to give love and forget hate.

So here’s my poem to stop violence and spread love and peace instead.

Give Love to All Humankind, Leave No One Behind: Say No More to Violence

We all are being taught everything we needed to know
Specially on how to create and spread peace fast like Banjo
Unfortunately, everything they’ve learned turned out to be despicable
As everyone’s lives became miserable and unbiblical

Child’s nightmare is all about a banquet of cold feet on a battle field
In a full speed cold steel coming out from a scalding barrel that’s being yield
Brutally chasing warm fleshes on an innocent’s being
Parent’s bone roar with rage as their offspring lay upon the ground screaming

Traces of violence and scattered billions of damages
Red-coloured street wall with blood soaked in bandages
Sculptured like street rub out from an empty bullet casings
Barbarous looking tapestry showcasing how tremendous the place is

Innocent people’s gallon of tears that can water a whole year crop
Scared sounds of weeping citizens echos and hard to stop
Aiming canons that hurls in angle in their humble homes
Non stop pulling fingers in every trigger turning all hearts like stones

In every alley fearless and heartless rapscallions roam
Inhumanely implying violence just to grab the highest throne
Water running in gutters are now replaced with blood
As precious innocence’s skin turns to ashes then into mud

Children crying out of fear but trying their might not to shed a tear
Mother kneeling down on the floor to protect her minor
Children traumatically confused witnessing an unbearable death
As father tries to save his family and run fast while catching his breath

Targeting to rule the entire kingdom and so greedy to kill
Black mailing families to recruit children and train them to be still
As every government mandates according to its state’s bill
That’s about: “to protect the people we must kill or the enemies will”

Aren’t we all wanted to hold tightly justice and peace?
So why those leaders are grabbing the what is so malice?
Until when there mind, soul and heart will lie?
After they get the crown and thousands of innocent slaughtered and die?

If only we can experience a ‘no violence’ state each and everyday
It will be so good to have peace all throughout the way
If only we can reunite as one and celebrate life with no fight
It will wake our minds up and celebrate life on what’s right

If only everyone will help reset the things happening in our land
It will be so easy for the nation to work hand in hand
If only everyone will agree to get rid of all the harmful gun
It will be so fun celebrating life in a rising sun

Pray and Save Humanity

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This poem is really amazing


Thank you so much! 😊

Lets pray for peace in Syria and nearby countries...