Strange Karma

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All of the Tweets and name-calling and bad blood between Humans makes me sad. I can't stand to read the horrible things that have been said, yet I can't stop checking them. I often just hope that something breaks inside of everyone and suddenly there's mass change. It's not going to happen, though, because there are too many that are too afraid of change and growth.

With that in mind, I've written this poem to Humanize my own thoughts on the situation.

Words to live by

Strange Karma

I don't know just what it is
about this world we live in,
that makes me want to punch a bit
at ev'ry Tweet that's given.

I know that I won't get my chance,
because our stations differ...
he the highest in the land,
tho he's a mother-effer.

I can't quite place the bitter sense
that covers all my senses
whenever I have seen his words
that blame and grow offenses.

His hair is just a crappy wig
and he will not admit it,
because he thinks he's fooling us
e'en tho he doesn't fit it.

I sometimes dream a petty dream
of wigs that hold their masters,
while poison like the lies he tells,
deep in his bones, shall fester.

A time will come, I fancy soon,
when people see right through him...
the only ones that will support him
are the ones that blew it.

They will not see the easy path,
but in his words shall lavish,
as he builds his biggest Wall
and watches as they vanish.

They'll seep down in the very stones,
if you do not watch closely,
and hope that ev'ryone forgets
they tried to make him Holy.

You see he is a rotten man
deep down into his core,
and willingly he tosses people
aside when he wants more.

He isn't fit to handle things
as vital as our country
and should go back to slumming with
the low-lifes with dirty laundry.

I wish he was a better man
and worthy of the honor,
but all I've seen is stupid shit
that makes makes me stare and wonder.

How will he, in history,
be seen among the greatest...
will truth win out in spite of him,
or will his version erase it?

I only hope for everyone
that he starts understanding
that all the hopes and dreams of man
are paused while he's grandstanding.

Thanks for reading these @OriginalWorks of poetic fiction.

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