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There are such simple questions that we are asked in life and that we get so complicated in answering, there are even questions that we have not asked ourselves before and that happened to me today when reading today's message. Just putting three days as the most important thing is quite complicated, but it would be my best 3 and we will start with the third:

The day was difficult to choose, but I decided to bet on the day I graduated as Assistant in Business Administration and Organization. Being the only group student who had not graduated from high school, it was a little more forced and a challenge that I loved taking on. Excellent grades obtained and millions of knowledge learned were what I loved most about that course.

A very complicated moment for my family, in which my parents could not afford the studies and I decided to help by working. Looking at the newspaper I found this advertisement where one had to work and study, I went to the test like thousands of applicants, I was selected for an interview because of my notes and I was hired by Procter & Gamble. Therefore, graduating after so much effort was rewarding and one of the most grateful opportunities in my life.

Now the second day, this would be the day that I managed to see for the first time with my left eye. 15 days after I was born, I had an operation in which medical malpractice damaged that eye and I had not been able to see around there until that day, then a naturopathic treatment of one of the many that you in my life, that childhood in the one that was normal to happen in each opportunity in a different ophthalmologist.

To check the effectiveness of the treatment and if I as a child was not imagining the results, my parents decided to make a game with my cousins ​​where each one moved position so that I would not locate them by memory and they covered my right eye, it is like this As between those blurred clouds I could see where each one was, my eye working for that one time.

And as the most important day, the first in this top 3, the day of the birth of my daughter. I with all the preparation for prophylactic delivery because I wanted to have it naturally and as always one does not know what life has in store for you and you have to readjust yourself. After the contractions began, they stopped and an emergency cesarean section had to be performed. After all the scare that this caused me, you get off tension in full operation, at last she was there... healthy, beautiful and healthy -what is most important!

This would be the description of those three days, quite briefly, i hope I have entertained them.

Why don't I just thank three days, I thank each and every one of my days, be they good or bad, I always learn something new, a new method of solving things...

This is my participation about the Current Gratitude Prompt:

Write about your best three days

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