Token of My Heart

in poetry •  24 days ago


Letting my gaurd down for you

Is the most honourable thing to do

Leaving the door to my heart opened

exclusively for you in reckless abandon

Takes nothing away from me

Here is a piece of me

Take it to own all of me

Wear it like an amulet

Let the world know of our love

Born to be reborn like the phoenix

A love that transcends our mortal lives

Written in the stars

You're my future coming into perspective

Slowly revealing itself as the the opening scene at the movies

Let is be a promise

Let it be beautiful

Hold on to it graciously

Never let it go

From this day forward

You are my destiny

My path which I'll follow

With you there are no wrongs

For all is right with you



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The darkest hour is the sweetest hour to show some love.

Nice poem bro.