I'd be lying if I said ...

in #poetry5 months ago


if I said you didn't mean the world to me

I'd be lying

I'm just hurting because the truth is plain in my eyes

Can't you tell

You are everything to me

If I said

I am tired

I need something different

Someone different

I'm not scared to see you with someone else

I'd be lying

truthfully ...

I love you from within

just a little scared my heart is not strong enough

strong enough to handle this feeling

So I'd be lying if I said

I can carry on without you

I'd be lying if I said

my heart would heal when you walk out the door

not being together would break me down

Hold my hands

make me believe

strengthen me with your trust

lend me you grace

let me gaze into your eyes

to see all of my favourite things

a home

hope and future

I'd be lying if I said

My love for you is shallow

All I see you

All I want I see in your eyes

I'd be lying if I said

You're not the one for me



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