Wake Up Lights

in #poetry5 years ago (edited)

An exhale shy from fantasy shattered by nothing electrifying everything.

Dehydrated temperature of spiraling chaos.

Urgent superiority shapes the realm of unfamiliarity.

Exacerbated throughout the length of every romancing strand dancing.

Lifelines redirected by panic and the fear of instinctual reaction.

Spinal intensity parallel to each extremity in preparation of forced departure.

Patience as each lie and wait their turn to absorb exuberance.

Foundation forming under a bed of lashes, one escaped connection.

Unconscious palm erased against the flesh of lone enlightenment.

Planted simultaneously inertia through silenced screaming of patterns.

Distance measured by a gambling hand, must release now.


Must proceed now.

Motorists, resume your commute.

Wake Up Lights



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Although it's unclear what you are writing about per say, I think you got it spot on with having the audience feel the emotions. And isn't that what poetry is about? I say do it again :P

If I can get a #steemitblogger as good as you to drop me a line, I must’ve done something right. I’ll take it!

Was it just vague enough or too vague you think?

Thank you @foxyspirit, it’s a pleasure to hear from you.

I think it is good. It shows the distress of something bad that happened, we dont have to know what happened but rather feel it. In my opinion that is poetry.

You are too kind to me. I have only been with Steemitbloggers for a short time. Those that make it happen are the ones to be acknowledged :)

Well truth be told: I didn’t know, nor would I know, #steemitbloggers if I wasn’t following you. I try to emulate your intelligent/classy writing style. And quite frankly, there should be a “#” for such good writers.

Thank you for letting me know what you think @foxyspirit, I really appreciate it!

Oh my, I have never been told I have classy writing :P Thank you <3

I have never really used #'s much before. I found out about them on fb and never knew the purpose it would have there. I just found it annoying. But here I see the use for it more, as people could click on it and see the community and how it all comes together. Isn't Steemit wonderful?

Wonderful, yes, we’ll go with that adjective. This is my very first experience with any ‘social networking’ type of platform. I’ve never been a member of FB or any of those other ones, thank God! Especially now that we’re learning their underlying motives.

You’re very welcome, I meant it! It’s a pleasure to be known by you! “Thanks Steemit for introducing me to @foxy.” =}

I'm with you on that. Thank you Steemit for getting to know everyone!

Trying to Understand words out of my vocabulary...

Memory erased...
Factory Reset...

......Mise à jour du programme....

Ne pas écraser mon ami

I wasn’t so sure about this one dude. I did it awhile back, it’s been sitting in my phone for probably 3 months. I never posted it because I never wrote a ‘poem thing’ ‘something thing’ that doesn’t rhyme...

@puravidaville said “are you writing about a car accident?” ....Uh, nah, not exactly. Haha.

Thanks a lot for stopping by @edprivat. Makes my day, every time.

Lol my pleasure brother :)

Nice, an @carklevicci sighting. That’s refreshing. No need to respond my friend, nice to see you again. I sure do appreciate the Resteem.

In case you’re still reading, remember Christyle from D’s bachelor party, ya? I just got him signed up yesterday, he’s @christylemo.

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