Another Million Things

in poetry •  3 months ago

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I’ll tell you a million times you complete me and still be a million times behind.

If a million miles span between us I’ll be on the next million mile flight.

Should a million odds collapse I’ll stand against them all a million times.

I prayed for a million dollar life and was paid in full a million dollar bride.

A million sunsets each greater than the last I’m ready to rise for a million more.

If a million walls obstruct your path I’ll open and close a million doors.

A million footsteps to spend together experiencing a million shores.

A million grains of sand to weigh and lay in wait a million scores.

If a million hesitations are needed between us I’ll blink a million times.

A million days with you are multiplied and doubled by a million nights.

A million lefts a million rights a million ways to guide this life.

A million changes made makes sense sometimes it takes a million tries.

I’ll write a million rhymes to pen and pad record and key a million types.

Forth and back abstract accost words reverse elapse time a million perplexed lines.

In the end a million messages convey three words a million different ways.

I love you a million times today. And tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that.

Another Million Things.


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This is my favorite one! I love you so much, my counterpart. Speechless in this moment. If you say you love me a million times I’ll say I love you a million more.


Do you think they’re tired of seeing me tell you how much I like you though?

The chef said she likes it... “yes!”


Others opinions are no business of ours. Who cares, I love it a million times even if you write me a million rhymes. Muah

I dig it
Love it


Right on, I appreciate that. This one actually took me longer than probably anything else. Months of sitting in the notepad waiting for ideas to finish it.

Thanks for stopping by @geneeverett, happy Labor Day weekend.

edit: Hey and thanks a lot for the support! I just saw the resteems, you’re awesome.


This dudes just a pure Asswipe



In case I haven’t told you lately @geneverett, it’s nice to have made your acquaintance!

And know that I’m not exaggerating when I say: Should the time come soon or later and we find ourselves in NYC, ima reach out to you dude and get a first class tour!


Deal 👍
Sounds like a plan