Where is happiness? (Original)

in #poetry4 years ago (edited)

We seek, we find and we misunderstand.
I bumped into happiness and,
in a moment,
She turned to me and smiled.
In those few hours, smiles, conversations and friends appeared.
Even without knowing it, they make everything better.
And even without realizing it, with simple gestures, filled my heart with happiness.
Whoever recognizes her in small things is truly happy.
It's the little things that show who we really are.
Don't shout to the air for all to see a greatness and a lying happiness.
Happiness is like a little drop of rain,
That falls on a very hot day,
And you think of hiding from her, don't want to get wet.
But if you take courage it will take a shower of rain,
Like when I was a kid.
Yes, the clothes are soaked and her hair matted.
You will have to settle these things like the problems of life.
But the courage to face the first drop and all the rest of the falling rain,
That's called happiness. 

Author: Daiany Nascimento

Steemit Blog: @daianynascimento

Steemit Chat: daiany.nascimento

Site: Writings of a Star

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