If you need (Original)

in #poetry4 years ago (edited)

If you need to wait,
Wait for one more day so that at night you can see the stars.
If you need to cry,
Do it wherever you are.
If you need to vent,
Unburden yourself with the moon and the stars.
If you need to leave, and depart as if walking on embers.
If you need to talk,
Make your words unique.
If you need to work,
Work so you can leave your best part on this earth.
If you need to die,
Remember your life, you are everything.
And if you need to live,
Just live. 

Author: Daiany Nascimento 

Steemit Blog: @daianynascimento 

Steemit Chat: daiany.nascimento 

Site: Writings of a Star 

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