Depression (Original)

in #poetry4 years ago

My world isn't like yours,
It's different,
A world where pain is like oxygen,
A world that I wish I didn't belong.
Where the sky is always dark,
Where the sun strives to show itself,
Where the ground looks like, all of a sudden,
That it will swallow you whole.
Everything is a threat,
Nothing is what it seems like,
A smile doesn't mean happiness,
There are only nightmares, no dreams.
You never have a break to rest,
The demons are relentless,
Smile with your anguish,
They suck your breath.
You can scream,
Scream into the void,
But the air is like a vacuum,
It sucks the meaning of your voice.
There is constant pain in my body,
My mind is exhausted,
Every day I try to fight,
One way out I try to find.
My body shows many scars,
My nails are tired,
For trying to get a way out of me,
Try to get out of the dark.
As if it were always raining,
As if you never had a chance to stay dry,
As if you feel like you're running constantly,
That would be a relief to die.
It is difficult to think about tomorrow,
You just have to focus on living today,
Every time you think you're getting somewhere,
Something else is put in your way.
Without determination,
Motivation collapses to dust,
To the point that you doesn't want to do anything,
When things will be better if I can not trust.
Being trapped inside a world,
A world that I feel no one understands,
It isn't possible to explain it,
You can't feel like I can.
There are no words in the dictionary,
There are words that still exist,
Who can explain my world to someone,
But they can't show it like it really is.
I would not wish this world for anyone,
Maybe that's why I'm glad you don't understand,
I'm glad your world is different,
I'm glad you're not where I am. 

Author: Daiany Nascimento 

Steemit Blog: @daianynascimento 

Steemit Chat: daiany.nascimento 

Site: Writings of a Star 

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