"Love/Loved" (Original poem by @dagger212)

in poetry •  2 years ago  (edited)


In Love
Be In Love
To Be In Love
Want To Be In Love
I Want to Be In Love
I Want to Be Loved
Want to Be Loved
To Be Loved
Be Loved

Something simple and true that just makes you think. One word added yet each line has it's own separate meaning.

Thanks for reading.


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Lenguage can be such a confusing and odd realm where our certanties meet with the unknown and flirts with the unthinkable. Because what can we do with that which we think, but cannot express, as ineffable as they are at the momment, or forever?

love is life

dagger212!! Thank you, your Post.

I like what you did here. It is almost as if there are two separate pieces, yet one couldn't really live without the other. For me, it kind of mimics a relationship. Good write.

I love how this shows the depth of feelings between love and the loved, these few words beautifully encapsulate so many feelings and desires, it is wonderful! It works so much better for how few words it has, the rise and fall of the sentence structure really draws you in. Another great poem!