Worlds that Arise & Evaporate

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Worlds that Arise & Evaporate


wormhole-space-colorful-freedomain (2).jpg


Mistakes are the art of
Circumstance, teaching that blinks &
Rubs its eyes arising from somnolence.

Disinclined to wonder
Were shredded sponges in
Cerebellum, who plotted febrile
Tides of nervine transmission
(Urgent pastime) denoting the
Degree of acquisition of
Manna, the saponinic
Wisdom that ever
Singed its

As months
Grew solemn
With grainy-bearded
Profundity, the villagers in
Woe limply floated through
Rhomboid fields of cunning,
Crystals that flashed
Firefly signals lit up the
Lifeless faces of
Beings in stasis.


colorful-magical-circular-fractal-dark (2).jpg


What laid opposing
Through the rain-colored
Portal which sparkled
Vaugely black and drew
Near with the horrible
Gravity of anticipation?

"Gmyre remonious"
Words must be remembered,
Decoded, formulated, heartbroke &
Forgotten, jumbled, "formulae
rormulated mulation romulance"

Referred to the warden for
gmrlfnskz blgnrfrmxil...


worlds-that-evaporate-venus-blue-stars-blend (1).jpg


Lux of fluorescent
Facial lighting, circumscribed
Shadow dance, "Would you
Say that you love me?"
She asked. "What's in a
Word?" quoth I.

Freudian robes
Donned pious in
Shifting rooms that
Couldn't see. One could
feel the walls giggling,
Maple syrup bubbled
Up from the sap-springs
All the foggy
Northern morn.

Subconcious played
Badminton with pale
Projections & those
Amusing volleys filled in
Spaces that, once
Traversed, folded
Into nothing.

Creak of
Floorboard a quiet
Fan bad rock
Music & the shower pipe
Rush of City
Quashed the


colorful-magical-circular-fractal-dark (1).jpg


Or did it?
Suspended in a
Bath of red light,
Tongues in cave-hidden
Insight tensed to
Pounce on prey.

Victims that deny
Their origins, the
Skin spectrum that
Circles the globe of
My belly, the equator
Of my body that
Gives life to the
World blinking
In disbelief
Of the Sun.

I saw the grey of
Blue light. It rolled like
Water through the panes
& recalled other worlds
With other-colored light
That evaporate when
Dawn is born.


stage-four-crazy-venus-blends (4).jpg

By @d-pend

Art is
Of free use images.

stage-four-crazy-venus-blends (3).jpg


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Your pictures of the orbs/planets are stunning. Each has its own characteristics but when you melded them together is had something of each orb/planet. I'm not sure but is that what the poems of each orb are doing.....creating a new dawn? Have a great week ahead! :D


This comment intrigued me! I will have to meditate on that idea... of interlocking complementary orbs/ realms creating polarized collaborations of new days that flow into each other through dimensions XD

Eclipse inspired?

Really love how the word rhythms vibrate the silent air when spoken.


Probably subconsciously eclipse-inspired!
On a conscious level, I've been almost too shocked from the experience to know how to make a proper tribute to it. That's a really interesting compliment, thank you :)

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Beautifull words, I liked the ultimate one over all. Thank you for sharing !
@permatek - My last post : Around the World : Lautaret


Thank you @permatek


You're welcome. Good evening

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The images caught me.


Glad to hear it @mariachacon! Thanks for your support.