Through Luminous Folds [Day 86]

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Through Luminous Folds

crevices through vision,
shapes are peeled away.
i unsense their edges,
allowing the barest hint
of mist to rise bright.

   O blessed be sweet Serenity,
   That occludes my sight!

the mind's
nullified imageries
fold in on themselves
into the sacrificial fray
of memory—

where the brilliant haze
of the unborn,
undying remains:
golden instincts foster themselves.

through insights granted then snatched away,
i skitter across
all the numberless planes.

dimensions ambiguous flourish and fail
while i count with affection the hairs
of all my limitless days.

i earthbound soar, heavenward cry,
as i sing in the silence that shines:

   O most blessed be sweet Truth!
   Lambent mist of life.
   Carry me through the folds unknown,
   Suffused with amberous light.


Written by
@d-pend on 6/1/18
Photos by

1 — "Dancing Above the Prairie"
2 — "Levitate"
3 — "In the Burning Gaze"

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You have been writing some beautiful pieces of late that being said-the Titel... If I see the word luminous from you one more time I will set it on fire :P


Haha, fair enough. This is definitely not a title that's set in stone, so I'll think about that if I adapt this to be published :-P

Reflective poetry. The voice speaks of a conscientious work submerged in diverse worlds in still cloudy, but with a lot of potential to emerge in the light. The future is presented with friendly enthusiasm and confidence. Good things are coming. For so much dedication and love distributed, I hug you @ d-pend.

Consciousness itself seems at stake here, how thoughts interplay, vanish, or expand wide across the surface of all possible thoughts. There is the attempt to see, the seeing in itself, and then all the things which remain unseen, which are longed for. How individual thoughts can only scratch the surface of that 'mist of life ... fold unknown, suffused with amberous light."

Really powerful and - dare I say, thoughtful - stuff :) I've said it before but the ethereal presence you bring in your poems is just incredible, and not something I've ever had the pleasure of reading elsewhere.

Best line:

O most blessed be sweet Truth!

Always, nice works with your poem, Sir @d-pend

I see I'm not the only one up late. Or is it early? :)


hahaha. my schedule's a bit... erratic now to say the least. It's almost 4 am for me, going to sleep momentarily :-D

The weekly Wednesday's update sir?


late, coming soon :-)


oh okay, thank you

even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

This poem can sweep anyone off their feet and look toward the heaven above.

In my think this is best word in your poem
O most blessed be sweet Truth!
Lambent mist of life.
If i read learning me about true life

Beautiful poetic lines from you @d-pend

Creative work this is something so nice wonderful and great

this poetry has amazing core love