Shadow of Soul

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Shadow of Soul

original poetry
with photographs by Carlos Henrique Reinesch

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Shadow of Soul

All sleek laced up,
Shower-preened to stroll—

Through a ghost city
At high noon.

Mild gazing,
Mute surveying,
Some of the child-fire's still left
in my eyes:
enough to coruscate brighter things
not yet entered in the world.

Showers of grey flame
Patter softly about:
Some star in the course of mourning
Has turned its fire humid and cold
Like the lower half of my lips,
And so it falls.

Towards my oceanic body
Gravity is no less insistent
Than towards a single drop
In the crystalline sheath
Of rain swirling about me
Which crashes,
And yet I stand.

I pause and glance down
Into a stone mirror—

Some shadowy giant,
As distant from humanity
As humanity from insects,
Who watches me watching my reflection
And sees the planets as drops of rain.


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Poetry written
By @d-pend
   By Carlos Henrique Reinesch

  I: "Reach Out For My Soul"
  II: "The Mad Umbreller"
  III: "Shadows Of The Soul"

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859b5e02994bb4bc19ed75a8be1ddfc7 2.jpg

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I used the first photograph in this post, "Reach Out For My Soul" as a visual prompt to write this piece. Since I had to crop it quite significantly for the thumbnail, I want to reproduce it in full again, here at the bottom.

859b5e02994bb4bc19ed75a8be1ddfc7 5.jpgd59b4171dee1456971e5a294d9b67981-d3buk89 3.jpg

ef4374c8a694bba23962f46f93d4857d 3.jpg

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Magical! Your words take us to a mystical walk in the rain. A look from the perspective of a child who has a lot of fantasy in places, images and even the encounter with the natural, with the simplicity of nature that surrounds everything in the aura of light, until we, refracting and reflecting what a giant we are it can become, according to the observer's vision.

A gloomy giant,
Far from humanity
As a humanity of insects,
Who looks at me looking at my reflection
And see the planets as raindrops.

The content message fills me with rejoicing: we are a drop in the ocean of life, but that fall is as important as the "all", since the ocean is nothing but a multitude of drops together.

I take off my hat at such dominion with the river of words and the channel created. I hug you @d-pend!

(I love the interconnection with the images of silhouettes in the mirror of the rain:The reflection that we are bigger than we allow ourselves to be, more valuable than we value ourselves and nature reminds us this.)

I could try to quote some of this poetry to showcase what I enjoyed about it... but then I'd have to quote the entire piece.

Beautiful words. When I read them, it's really interesting... It flows, but not in a vocal way... If that makes sense. I don't really hear your poetry as inner dialogue, it's like, I don't know... hard to explain. Puts me in a good head space. Best way to describe it, lmao.

Really potent stuf!

There is a memory of a childhood in a city that has changed, that does not recognize. Now, as an adult, look at things that once seemed large, very small. Beautiful poem of the metamorphosis suffered by the human being. Congratulations, friend.

Some shadowy giant,
As distant from humanity
As humanity from insects,
Who watches me watching my reflection
And sees the planets as drops of rain.

Well this verse caught my attention really, the boogeyman present seems rather uneasy to really picture, but I'm Certain it's not human. I love this one, amazing

As always, your poems are really inspiring, dear friend @d-pend...
Never tire of reading them...😀

Resteemed! ☕❤

this is a nice and very deep meaniful potry...where from u?

Your story very great full I like it

Great poem my blog about poetry too take a look and allow me to resteem yours <3

Amazing poetry!:) Thank you for sharing!
(I have new drawing and hope you look at them;)

A poet can see what the Sun cannot see on the earth.