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Paradox I

original poetry
and images


Paradox I:

[The world fans open:
A shrewd conglomeration of lenses.]

Tilted, agleam with relativity
Or shattered head-on—clarities,
Spontaneously repaired by a glance
And broken again in departure's wake.

A forest of lush convexities' expanse,
A suffocation by the warmth
Of ideas' absence.

Fragility-and-strength-distorted grove,
Fish-eyed passage, naught to slake
That utterly simple, painful vassalage
To perception's choice alcove.

Even aeons under eaves,
concave redemption, brief reprieves;
do little to calm the coming storm
of formlessness unleashed on form.


writing and images
by @d-pend


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That second image gives me the eerie and paradoxical sensation of being sucked into it and repelled out of it at the same time.

I guess the same can be said about form and light.
Helios's arrival and departure brings and takes things away.

Looking at that second image we may wonder if it is east or west, dawn or dusk.
Clarity of ideas are as fragile as the physical world. They are subject to cycles of astral moves that give them a deceptive focus or fixableness.

The camera lense captures fictions. Images without ideas, without concepts, sounds or notions; yet, their absence in the picture does not mean they cease to exist.

The camera gives us an image subordinated to a mandate, not necessarily the image that was, but the image that was perceived.

Shadows over light, as well as over ideas, will come over and over inevitably. Pictures can be a good reminder of how things were before and after. They can shed light over darkness.

The clicks, spot on :)

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Glad you think so :-)

Great shots. I particularly like the first one


Thank you @steven-patrick! That one stood out to me among the others in that session as well.

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Thanks for inviting us into your lens or is it our lens? We see the world through such a narrow passage of light.


Even aeons under eaves,
concave redemption, brief reprieves;
do little to calm the coming storm
of formlessness unleashed on form.

Nice stanza ... that I had to read a dozen times.

"Formlessness unleashed on form" ... a paradox indeed.

Life in like an intermittent infinite regression ... order emerging for chaos emerging from order emerging from chaos ... ad infinitum. Whether it's one or the other depends on the level of analysis. And, this phenomenon reaches across time and space and applies to all things.

Good Lord ... pretty soon I'll be rambling on about Voids too. :-)

The graduated focus of Photo #1 is interesting ... a powerful figure-ground effect. I actually have a theory about how we create figure-ground relationships in language, which obviously has implications for poetry. Alas, it's chapter-length and will have to await another day.


Concave and convex lenses complement each other to provide a better adjusted view of reality, even if there is not always balance. The perception is as fragile as the capacity of the spectator. For that reason, it is not strange to see storms in glasses of water, or as the last line expresses it well:

of formlessness unleashed on form.

Here is the paradox: Everything depends on the glass or lens with which you look at it.

Dear @d-pend sir!
Brilliant piece of photography. Sun is hiding in the cloud and atmosphere became so peaceful and charming in second click.This environment is inviting the night to take the whole world in its lap.