Loess on Paper [Day 88]

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Loess on Paper

Dust sewn across continents
of papyrus,
seeds of a sordid tale ancient blown
onto a living scroll.

Vespine loess with a savagery long-dissipated,
all that remains evident now is a vague fertility
offensive to those with more delicate constitutions.

I have seen spirals of sand
echo the misery of the living,
gulls laughing to mock my fallible hand
while irrepressible clouds creep.

I have tasted the ocean's salt of life,
bitter with minerals
and foaming with eons of subterranean war.

I have felt the soft touch
of wind,
cradling me as it pulls me forth
from my oceanic beginning.

It is a leonine breeze
that scatters all the dust of me.

I will mix with rain
and write on the world's papyrus.



Written by
@d-pend on 6/3/18
Photos by

1 — "Dust"
2 — "Fall"
3 — "Alice"

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This poem speaks to me about different storms and to emerge victorious sustained by the inner strength transformed into a shield of protective peace. The poetic journey through the images is an excellent job
I hug you, @d-pend. Greetings.


Your poem is narrative poem talking about every person have a time and story. Cry and happy comming to every person but make life be power full is very good


Votre poème est un por chaque pene ayant un temps et une histoire. Votre poème est un poème narratif qui dit que tout lea puissance de laème est un poème narratif parlant de chaquayant un temps et une histoire. Votre poe est uoème narratif qui dit que tout le monde a le temps et l'hre. Les pleurs et heusemeobtenir à chaque personne, mais faire la puissance de la vie est très bonneVotre poème est un poème narratif s @mghufroncholid31


Lets go write poem be happy

that's so touching and amazing poem by you :)

Beautiful poem. I really did enjoy reading it. Pls keep up doing the good work. I love you

I think he talks about the bad times we have in life, and the wind would represent the desire to keep fighting maybe?

I love the images you put with the poetry. Great poem as well. I followed. I'll be looking forward to reading more in the future.