from my lofty vantage [Day 55]

in poetry •  5 months ago

view_from_erben__s_tower_ii_by_pildik-d3k6tzi 3.jpg

everything__s_gone_green__again__by_gingercoo-d5fcx9u 4.jpgeverything__s_gone_green__again__by_gingercoo-d5fcx9u 3.jpg

from my lofty vantage

a grassroots eternity
caught in webbing,
young on the scale of empires
radiating from their hub cities
to embrace the temporal,
caught in precision,
a strobing cosmogony.

brilliance and decay,
organic catlaclysms
spread over a lithe globe
creeping steadily to find solace
in the safety of crevices
elaborately carved
from subtle and dense.

outside these glossy wonders,
unable to touch their wretchedness,
the soul is torn by transparency.

how I long to leap from this cold tower
and fall until the air becomes balmy,
thick enough to cushion my woundless flesh.

view_from_erben__s_tower_ii_by_pildik-d3k6tzi 5.jpgview_from_erben__s_tower_ii_by_pildik-d3k6tzi 4.jpg


willis_tower_blue_hour_by_delobbo 2.jpg

Written by
Photos by

1 — "View from Erben's Tower II" by Pildik
2 — "Everything's Gone Green (again)" by Gingercoo
3 — "Willis Tower Blue Hour" by Delobbo

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view_from_erben__s_tower_ii_by_pildik-d3k6tzi 2.jpg


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A beautiful feeling that it is more wonderful than this art


yes I love my toys from the adult store too ...

A feeling that can not be described as more wonderful than this is art ;)


Looks like you and @miloudett have forgotten that one should not copy from each other in class ...either that or you go to the same after hour store ...

owo its really very beautifull @d-pend thanks for shareing

Outstanding writing skills.....@d-pend. excellent poetry. All photos are awesome. spacially cave picture. thanks a lot for sharing with us......

Ask yourself what it will cost to jump? What holds you in the plastic? And what you really want. If the world puts you into cycles of anaphylactic shock and the cons outweigh the pros ...carve your own space, create your own society ... fuck the rest of it ...

Wonderful poetry and the pictures just add to the beauty of it💙

Hello friend, it is normal for human beings to jump into something new. What is needed is courage. Sometimes the changes are good. Greetings.

how I long to leap from this cold tower
and fall until the air becomes balmy,
thick enough to cushion my woundless flesh.

I is all about achieving zen. Wonderful work, Daniel:)

Thank you for your poem @d-pend. Just like this platform... there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed.

The picture of Chicago is striking at the end of the post. I used to see that building everyday since it was built I remember when I was young thinking, "Wow! That's bigger than the Hancock building."

Now I live on the top of a tall building. When it was first built I used to leave the roof door open. Now I keep it locked.

The cushion that protects us and keeps us going day by day is grace. We need a lot more of it.

Wow it's harmony to my ears.


ASMR in the shape of a poem:-)

i must say it outstanding. thanks for share

not easy to understand but very deep poetry
especially the last lines.
and the 2nd pic just made a smash in my eyes and brains!

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Mehn your use of words is superb. I had to consult my dictionary countless times😁


haha, thanks @abfictionstories. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

great view (Deserves appreciation)


3 comments from 2 accounts ...someone is desperate to collect some berries ...


LUL fantasmical comment (deserves approbation) LUL

This is amazing so nicely written wonderful work !

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