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You see this is why I’m in awe of her folly—
and she of mine—and yet this is why one
must submit to one.’

And wasn’t it the most rotten thing
that when she asked; ‘will you be my shadow?’
the sun had only begun to set, and when she said;
‘you’ll never be in dearth of thought
when you make thought your thought.’
neither of us was thinking.

‘Oh so that’s the wisdom then, I asked,
to feel the pain that you don’t feel?

and not feel the ones that you feel?
to dump them all on the poor shadow?’

‘Dummy! She replied, what pain!?
There is no pain! There is only lessons;
to admire the pictures even before they’re taken,
and admire them even if they’ll never be taken,
and to make sure to take the shadows with them.

Can you not see that our very own pictures
might never be taken?

Can you not see that the shadows lurk
in darkness, even when there’s no light?

And I wondered myself, as the sun rose,
and our passion flickered, like it was soon to die,

I wondered how she knew
that we were shadows ourselves.



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