You Are

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What is this excitement of passion i hear flowing within my veins?
What is that ecstasy of the aftermath?
The revival of the perfect sorrow hidden within the bowels of pain.
My body doesn't contain blood as the main
element but it contains your love as the replacement of it.
It flows gently through every part of my body, I feel it like the drips of rain.

Your love gradually captivates the five senses to confusingly
form a sixth sense, which no one can define nor describe.
I come carrying goblets of emotions so in your reservoir I can imbibe
until I get inebriated from your fulfilling generosity.
Being in your presence is an honour, indeed like a delicacy.
Let me travel through the lobes of your membrane
to see what lies inside of your beautiful brain.

In the tranquility of the night
you hear the spinning tulips and windmills
spreading your love about in the atmosphere
so all that are present can smell and hear
the whispers of the one riding down from the hills
of bliss contracted to only act the way she feels.
So transparent you know what you are getting
is not concealed, cloned or covered in a false setting.

It's upsetting to think I spent my entire childhood
without you on my side. Not even as a make believe
or imaginary friend. Like cooked sand that brood
stoic hollowness and little beings that deceive
you with their smile, your presence is a sigh of relief
that you and I are now one.

Bar none
You are the one that controls the universe within me.
You are the parable of innocence and heaven's number one.
No one could represent the angels better, no integrity
compares to your loyalty. Together let's make thais life a pun.

©Vincent Mbatha - @cryptoprofessor

Image Source: pxb

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