Yesterday and today

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Yesterday and today


Yesterday and today

Twenty years ago:
under the moon and the stars
there was talk of memories
of the ancestors around
of a campfire with smell
of sea foam.
Magic moments
where heaven marries the sea
On the ocher horizon.
Burning wood
Allow the adventures of ancestors.


In the present:
under a concrete roof
despair arises
in the few people
With the leather stuck to the bones.
Every day is a day of survival.
A town is kidnapped in their homes,
The crime is the owner of the streets.
We feel alone, alone from dawn to dusk


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Every day is a day of survival:
each night, a sombre departure.

Saludos @corderosiete!
Espero que te encuentre bien.

Friend, it's wonderful to hear from you. How have you been. Here I am in sleep mode.

The poem is cut in half, not only by the title and the photo that separates the two parts, there are two events with a common result: there is no point of comparison between what is lived and what is being lived. The lyrical speaker concentrates his vision on the separation of the times as a leitmotif that generates depression: Today is depressing.
Well done, brother!

Asi es hermanita

Still going strong brother. Greetings!

My regards, brother. I am glad to hear from you.