Catch the wave of coloured content M.C. Neophytan's ; 2 - part Poetry Book on life and death; When Light Permeates Darkness.

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When LIGHT Permeates Darkness is a 2-part poetry book that exudes, with poetic cadence, the pain and growth that comes when one steps forth into the darkness as a carrier of the light to transmutate even the depths of the deepest darkness and death, into the light of light.

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here Is an excerpt from both books.

"A Dark Abode,
Owns My Home.

My vortex Desolate;
My heart without Hope.

Slick with blood - thoughts of Death spill from my Dome.
E-veil has crept in: Usurping My Throne."


  • "Here Be’th the womb of the mother,
    Shining with all radiance.
    Oscillating as the fruit of existence.

Thus the mother birthed itself as the father - and acted to birth nature."

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