SteemitPoetryContest # 2 - Ghosts

in #poetry7 years ago (edited)

All I have left is this silent echo,

The words we said before we both let go.

When I don't follow and they still pursue,

I risk a glance back but never find you.

Lighting the hallways and clearing my mind,

Make peace with the presence you left behind.

Your silhouette burned over my retinas,

Old synapses remembering what was.

Trapped by afterglow and lost in the haze,

Searching for some way back out of this maze.

You were never here, there's no need to seek,

No sense chasing ghosts, they will never speak.

Check out @terrycraft's contest HERE.
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I swear on everything I have goosebumps...oh man you're amazing. So let's get on that collab! You're seriously awe inspiring

Already ready already. :)

mad respect clay... this is def your thing... stupid good...

Thanks dude. :)

Indeed , "silence is deafening"

A poetic poem a la "carpe diem"
Thank You Kindly

This is my favorite. I really love this poem. Reminds me of lost love and the feelings it brings.

That's what I was thinking of when I wrote it. :)

Ah yeah...the futile look..I felt that one!

I guess we all glance back, the trick is to not get stuck looking.

lovely and amazing ..... clay, you are genius

Thanks dude! <3

Those lamps look like eyes ;) Beautiful poem.

Thank you very much :)

"Your silhouette burned over my retinas,

Old synapses remembering what was."

That is a great line - wonderfully rhythmic and a perfect unexpected rhyme. This is a good poem.

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the support!

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