12/23 (original poetry)

in poetry •  last year


I could spend my time trying to reason;
Convincing myself that this is treason.

Perhaps it would stop, were you to protest,
and if it felt wrong then I would contest.

The truth is, I don't need to think to feel,
it's clear to me what we have could be real.

If you gave the word, I would be ready;
The song might skip, but our rhythms steady.

Flowing together with beautiful rhyme,
and staying in sync regardless of time.

Our frequencies match, I hear it ring true,
If I haven't made this clear, I love you.

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Your rhythm and rhyme are beautiful, playing off the content of a love song within the theme of a song itself. That's pretty neat!





Resonance of Fate, I reverberate on that frequently while resonating on that frequency. :P


Boom-chaka-laka I feel like that needed a touch of cowbell.

It's got a nice beat and you can dance to it. Seriously, I love 'love' poems and this is a great one. Awesome write. Thanks.


How do you feel about sad love poems, or break up poems?

Great poetry man you are really great man...

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