One Way Is Just One Aspect

in #poetry2 years ago


Everything just happened, nothing destinely happened
Whatever is happening it's the sign of randomness, first thought is randomness
Every outcome came out of confusion, collective confusion
Quantitative confusion, is collective confusion.

Future is not real, only now moment is real
But fear of future is real, humans are fearful, this is real
Humans are running behind confused inspiration, rat race of inspiration
The word success is another trap, circling trap.

Humans have pre-installed intuitive software, thinking and feeling software
That's why humans can feel about the existence, humans are expressing about the existence
Because humans are living this existence, unknown and unasked existence
Existence constantly testing humans, tired humans.

No one believes, but everything becomes beliefs
Duality of understanding, duality of knowing
Lost understanding, lost knowing
Humans are left with assumption of understanding, assumption of knowing.

Right understandings changes generations, chain of generations
It's just a thought, pleasant thought
Reality is not pleasant, understanding of reality is not pleasant
Open subject, one way is just one aspect.


(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda

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