Life Is A Game, But What Kind Of?

in #poetry2 years ago


Human consciousness experiences environment, both human and non-human environment
Environment is not the existence of life, but environment is influence of life
Environment influences individual script of life, individual story of life
This is a collective game, influential game.

Violent consciousness is ruling this planet, blue but red planet
Racing for power, knowledge of power
Implementation is difference, because knowing is difference
This difference is making difference, two way difference.

World is chasing fear, that's why winner is fear
Fear built collective empire, powerlessness of humans is fear based empire
This empire holds eternal effect, reincarnating effect
Rebirth of human, fearing human.

Whole race is meaningless, whole meaning is meaningless
When life lost it's value, fundamental value
Because of humans, opportunistic humans
Life is opportunistic game, ancient game.

Sick rules of sick world, confused world
Multiple strategies are applied by thrones, command by thrones
Thrones changes, because humans changes
Life is a game, but what kind of? Life is off.


(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda

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