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Individual journey is journey of many truths, uncountable truths
Unexpressed truths, unexplainable truths
Dull truths, tiring truths
Joyful truths, cheerful truths.

There is a clash between thoughts and feelings, two different areas
Thoughts are running fast, feelings never run fast
Feelings are real emotions, thoughts are against of emotions
Fast thoughts are fear, real feelings breaks fear.

World never knows individual revelations, secret revelations
World is judgement, cruel judgement
World failed to understand the meaning of existence, world is inspired by selfish existence
That's why life became failed experiment, false experiment.

Humans acts like a open book, but humans are closed book
Humans suppress their emotions, world is judgemental so humans suppress their emotions
Humans became animals that's why world became isolated existence, painful existence
Masses are expressing their pain now, world is hollow now.

Human book is virtual, human stories are virtual
Expressing unknown truth, unexplainable truth
Subliminal truth, mysterious truth
Eternal book, individual human book.


(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda

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