Indifferent Eternal Life | Poetry

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Eternal life trends in mind, thought of eternal life became integral part of mind
Why eternal life? What is in the eternal life?
There is no tiring aspect? This idea is thinking subject
Eternal life became a battle, thought of a battle.

Divinity in everything becomes pain, spreading pain
Shouting divinity, anger of divinity
Divinity is not loud, human voices are loud
Today's divinity is confused, because humans are confused.

Confusion is in the trend, chaotic trend
This confusion is contagious, beliefs are contagious
Then division starts, intellectual battle starts
Divinity vanishes when intellectual battle starts, when division starts.

Human words became divinity, human interpretation became divinity
Human minds are behind idea of confusions, tons of confusions
Confusion leads to no truth, confusion leads to false truth
False truth is leading consciousness, mass consciousness.

Humans know something is wrong, existence is wrong?
No clear answers exist, no clarity exist
These aspects opens the doors for exploitation, intellectual exploitation
Unknown life, indifferent eternal life.


(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda

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