Humanity Lost Many Ways

in #poetry2 years ago


Few minds changes minds of masses, controls the consciousness of masses
All this is done by words, choice of words
They use beyond ideas, awakening ideas
Ideas turns into trends, followers of trends.

Life blends with music, categorical music
Music becomes dance, dance becomes stance
Life lives for position, mortal position
Life vanishes, position vanishes.

That side patience wins, this side rush wins
Life is probability, no destiny
Whoever understands it, blending with it
Life is no winning game, life is losing game.

Only few understood the power of fear, fear against fear
Power controls influencers, influencers controls masses
Masses pay to influencers, influencers surrenders to controllers
This is live cycle, ongoing cycle.

There is only one script, no divine script
Masses are pawns in this game, black and white game
This game is evolved, because pawns are evolved
Results are same ways, humanity lost many ways.


(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda

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