Do We Live Healthy Lives to Avoid or Postpone Death? - Poetry piece - @naturalmedicine Wisdom Challenge

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Birth and death is a cycle, it's creation and transformation circle
This game will never end, because there is no point of end
Still life and death is question mark, the true reality is hiding in the dark
Everyone is pursuing life every day, waiting for the ultimate day.

But everyone's truth is different, so reality is in-different
Live freely, it brings abundance of happiness really
Don't create cage of fear, if your life is your dear
Our thought is tool of Manifestation, so manifest your truth by pursuing your passion.

Our body is our temple, don't consume aspects of tremble
Good health welcomes combination of abundance, it removes the phase of dependence
Inner communication is divine way of self realisation, our inner world is true location
Deep dive and find your peace, heal your pain and release.

We cannot postpone anything which we don't control, just we can play the role
Healthy lives creates healthy environment, no need for the medical hunt
Divine temple is inside us, good state of health helps in staying of our temple in peace
understand and hold the strength, no one can avoid or postpone death.

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A poem.... great!

"no one can avoid or postpone death"

So true. So what is the point of maintaining good health if we are going to die anyway?


My truth for life is different and that is, before our birth we know about this life and whatever experiences we see and after accepting everything we've entered into this life, just our memory of knowing is paused. We are vibrational beings and source of energy and to raise our vibrational energies we have to take care of our body (Temple) and we have to eat those things which makes us refreshing and active. And knowingly or unknowingly masses are the reality creators and by that i mean, if masses release the vibrations of negative and destruction then on this earth we will manifest that and vice versa. So our state of being is very important to channel with messages of universe and to expand as human beings.

Nice poem @chireerocks ❤🌹


Thank you so much for your kind response. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

This poem really highlights the fact that we should treat ourselves well, enjoy the moment and accept that some things just aren't in our control. Good job :)


Yes, our happiness is in our hands. When we can't control future then why we should hold fear about it. Let's enjoy the flow. Stay blessed.

Why would I avoid death? I am so curious about it! : )


Thank you so much for your comment and this comment helped me to correct my mistake in this post, I've missed one word and it changed the meaning. Stay blessed.

Great poem @chireerocks - “We cannot postpone anything which we don’t have control....” 🤔

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Yes. Thank you so much for your kind words and response. Have a great time ahead.

Nice poem.. well written


Thank you for your kind response. Stay blessed.

Always have fun in the present moment and do not fear the end.

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Yes that's true brother. What have to come it will come anyway. Have a great time ahead.


Enjoy your Sunday. :)


Sure. 🙂

Love this line But everyone's truth is different, so reality is in-different
Great poem


Thank you so much for your kind words and response. Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.