Divine Confusion Is Real | Poetry

in #poetry2 years ago


Divinity shows oneness, unreal oneness
Humans are trying to prove it, trying to defend it
There is no need of it, just leave it
In this process life became serious, so serious.

Humans always comes with hidden language when it comes to unexplainable subject, unknown subject
Real confusion starts, unknown language arrives and confusion starts
First debate then battle starts, collective confusion starts
How to avoid confusion? How to free from this confusion?

From ages truth is getting labelled, truth's existence is getting labelled
When there is no existence of knowledge, conscious knowledge
Humans used their minds, creative minds
Humans are trend creators, trend setters.

Humans always want something new, so humans get something new
Every new trend is not peaceful, every new trend is not cheerful
Trends are manifestation of minds, active minds
Mind works, mind manifests.

Every story talks about becoming someone else, other than self
This is called self deceit, human consciousness is going through from self deceit
Long term consequences, wrong choices
False humanity is real, divine confusion is real.


(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda

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