Books Are Lying Beautifully

in #poetry2 years ago


Existence is battle, relevance became battle
Minds are connected, interconnected?
Not manifesting collectively resonating reality, manifesting dividing reality
Nothingness manifested the idea of power, number and word power.

Lie became powerful tool, at the same time comfortable tool
Lie delays the change, uncomfortable change
Lie is getting praised, duration of time of uncomfortable change is changed
It's no moment of magic, everytime it's the moment of tragic.

Freedom is one more beautiful lie, their illusion and your lie
Understand your existence, unchosen existence
Existence itself tells the story of no choice, freedom is no choice
Old pain spread lies, burden gave birth to lies.

Slowly lying became inevitable, untruth narration became inevitable
To sustain, to maintain
Old is sharing the burden to new, chaotic and painful relationship between old and new
Neverending chaos exist, neverending meaninglessness exist.

Untruth reveals the truth, itself awakes the truth
Fear based consciousness is boiling the reality, biased reality
Everyone created their own bubble, ancient bubble
Untruth narrated beautifully, books are lying beautifully.


(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda

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