The Weird on a Leash - (original musing odd poetry about myself)

in poetry •  3 years ago

I am what I am
Such is said often enough
Sometimes a ham
I blow and act tough

If you read my works
and you simply say sheesh
Don't fret for shadow lurks
I keep my weird on a leash

It is only when chaos and poetry combine
That I go slightly just a little out of my mind

I feel the beast a bursting and tugging away
Curiosity can best me what does it want today

I open the door and it lunges ahead
What new piece of sanity is now dead

The beast in the poetry the chaos in my mind
I never know where I'll journey and what I'll find

Tasting the freedom the beast howls deep
As I peer into my mind I feel uncertainty creep

Am I sane or am I divine
Should I to normalcy confine

The dance of the poet and the accepted rules
Look I askance with a fear of these odd tools

A beast of the free and a taste of the past
When I utter a word its too late, the die is cast

It often begins with but a word or a phrase
The beast is unleashed with word hell to raise

It bubbles and bursts and slams through the doors
It cares not about your, mine , or societal mores

For just as there are strange names for food like quiche
You should rest soundly for I am The Weird on the Leash

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that is very amusing and well written , don't stop keep the words flowing


Thank you. I need to put him back in the box today. It is starting to bleed over into some of my chat speaking with some friends in a slack. :) It is kind of odd when I get in that zone I feel and think quite a bit different. I also get a bit mischievous. :) That is why I have my @chaospoet account, so when I want to try something totally different it is there. All I have to be is brave enough to open that door. ;)

Had me hooked.. Don't read a lot of poetry but I enjoy some well written ones occasionally but this one I really liked! Thanks for writing and sharing it with us.