[Chaos Poetry] Rambling sometimes rhyme, sometimes insanity, all chaotic and word salad humanity

in poetry •  last year

Where is the cat?

Fecal shiner
Unholy Shriner
Chasing me on his cart

Draining mind flame
Screaming rhyme game

The word of lords
lying for ladies
Prancing hordes
Eschewing Maybes

Orc tattooed arms
The great hall of shame
Geeky little farms
D&D is the game

Orbiting wisdom with time it took
Just the lore from a gaming book

Oh laughter did hinge within the halls
Hurled by those who played with balls

The zits that freeze upon a face
The lockered halls the new disgrace

Time would heal the wounds of cliques
You'd recall being the toy of dicks

Free with time the cocoon you'd breach
And towards new things you would reach

The ball toting fools that kept you down
Would never leave their lauded town

You would fly free and far travel wide
Your mind showing you the other side

Each person walks a journey their own
Free and looking we're never alone

Some will hide in accomplishments of the past
When time passes they'll always come in last

Draped in our creations and lulled by our attacks
Forgotten or remembered who will have our backs

The creature of time
The mental fine line

Working for a purpose
Or living in our past

Leaping like a porpoise
Or forgotten at last

Each of us has a time traveled game
Our choices leading maybe to fame

If not if so
Time will know

Yet freedom is a choice
Use it and rejoice

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