Everlasting Friendship

in #poetry3 years ago


There have been a lot of times that we pass together
There have been many times that we explore together
In joy and sorrow, we will always be together
Thousands obstacle has come crashing but we stay together
No matter what the waves clicking
No matter what the mountain blocking
Our friendship will continue running until the time of our death coming

Our friendship like a massive rocky
In the midst of waves crashing fiercely
But it won’t be shaken even though the earth shook
Because our friendship will beat it all kook

My friends, I thanks for the presence of you
In my day, when we are old, we will stay together
Remembering the days we shared to color this beautiful world

When the time comes, when old are reflected in this face
Our friendship will remain like fire
Because we are everlasting friend
Thank you my friend.