COKE BOTTLE LANTERN--an original poem

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They say if you travel fast enough, out
into space, through the Milky Way, beyond
the Black Holes, you'll find the past
fluttering about. Reflected images
against a cosmic screen,
like a bazillion-feature movie, starring
all your ancestors. You could grab
a mammoth buttered popcorn, flop back
on the North Star and discover
why you are the way you are.

When it's over, just before the velvet curtain
is drawn, you could leap about, pluck
bits of light rays from the blackness, clutch them
in your fist, save them in your Coke bottle.
And like the fireflies you've collected
on warm summer evenings--
place them on your dresser and watch
as they flicker in the night, beating
their head against the green glass,
anxious to fly back home.

by Caroline Reichard

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Great Poem by Caroline Reichard

It's beautiful.


Thank you! 😊 So glad you enjoyed it!


Yes dear.

I enjoyed reading this little poem. You are some real imagination and I loved the movie part. Keep writing, I have followed you and will keep an eye on your account hoping to find some more bits of interstellar imagination.

P.S: I have shared my first story here on steem, you can read it by visiting my profile.

Thank you.


Thank you so much! I will definitely check out your story!😊

Very well written! Upvoted and Followed!
We of @poetrytrail are always looking for quality content like yours! Hope you will hop on too and take part in our poetry and story writing events, it would be a shame if we couldn’t share this great writing with more of the community!


Thank you very much!😊

This is lovely. I love the vivid imagery used to describe such an abstract concept!


Thank you, blizzylizzy!

This is great. Can't figure out why no love. Thank you


Thanks! I can't either. Sigh.