Poem: Support each other for mutual gain.

in poetry •  10 months ago

So I have long come to realise that I must,
Live with an understanding of how fucked
Are the established societal notions,
Or otherwise take that final potion,
And be done with life in one thrust.

I can not take the path of the opium wallow,
Neither drink nor drug can I endlessly swallow,
I am not surrounded by unquenchable hate,
Nor am I apathetic to my comrades fate,
So with what do I rid this heart breaking sorrow.

Must I shit and shuffle from one wasteland to the next,
Desperately, seeking those with whom I will connect,
Building fortune only to see it broken,
Disregarded and in the rain soaking,
Where's the sense unless this world is just a jest.

A fucked up horror show, circus of pain,
Inhabited by retards and the morally insane,
Surely this place is one massive joke,
Well I laugh and cry and get the boak
And stand and fight all this cruel world contains.

Free air, water, food, shelter and love.
Go back, to the basics of a life above
Imperialistic tendancies to control,
Command and put trust on parole.
When do we go to the edge and shove.

I see the deep irrelevancy of fear,
And align myself with what I hold dear,
Fluid perception and empowered,
To take whats given and be no coward,
Responsible for myself and my peers.

Abused land unashamedly taken back,
From negligent owners and royal tracts,
Monocultures grazed and perennials planted,
Resources allocated with respect granted,
To liberal usage under the ecological pact.

Having respect for the moral creative truth,
Seeing all hearts desire to share their proof,
With freedom from unnecessary pain.
Supporting each other for mutual gain,
And understanding we sometimes goof.


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